Join Us On A  Journey... Into Yourself and Beyond...

Transformational Art and Healing Process with

Michelle Bancroft, M.A., C.H.T., RM

I am thrilled you have found me and treasure this opportunity to work with you.

To access your greatest healing potential, I combine three synergistic modalities: Reiki, Hypnotherapy/Guided Visualization and Transformational Art Process. 

I strongly believe we all have an Artist within and that Artist is also one of our greatest healers. My role with you is to act as Witness and Guide to help you connect to that Artist/Healer within.

Why engage this work? At any stage of life, I believe it is important to take time for self-reflection. Oftentimes, a life event can instigate a a desire in us that pulls us to self-reflect such as the death of a loved one, physical ailments/challenges, depression/anxiety, an end of a relationship or a nagging feeling of "is this all there is to my life?'. You may be involved in your creative process/art but are feeling "stuck" or blocked. It can also be simple curiosity. 

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