I strongly believe we all have an Artist within and that Artist is also one of our greatest healers. My role with you is to act as Witness and Guide to help you connect to that Artist/Healer within.

One of my greatest joys in life is assisting and witnessing the unfolding of the creative process in others. The eclectic approach I employ – combining Reiki, Hypnotherapy/Guided Visualization and Transformational Art Process – reflects my own daily spiritual and creative process. Combining these different modalities allows for enlivened and spontaneous sessions – the essence of Art.

During our time together, I will draw from over thirty years of personal, creative and spiritual exploration. My academic background and training reflect my spiritual growth, practice and process. My passions range from transformational art process, comparative religion, ancient wisdom and Goddess traditions, Jungian psychology, archetypal knowledge, dream study and dream work, mythology, folklore and symbolism. 

My Training

Reiki Advanced and Reiki Master, International Center for Reiki Training with Jessica Miller, July 2008.

Reiki 1 and 11, International Center for Reiki Training with Jessica Miller, March 2008.

Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Certified Master Hypnotherapist,  C.H.T., April 2007.

John F. Kennedy University, Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, M.A., 2001.

Sacramento State University, Religious Studies, B.A., 1997 and Women’s Studies, B.A., 1997.