I provide both individual sessions and group process and ground our time together in a very simple but deep process.

Individual Sessions: Consist of an initial check-in to discuss any issues/insights, guided visualization and/or Reiki session, 30 minutes for collage/art making, and discussion of your art piece/process. I will also ask you to establish a collage/art journal and create one collage per day that suits your unique exploration. 

One-Time Process Group Session (2 or more): I can provide a one-time group process for organizations, work groups and friends. These one-time group process session include discussion, introductions, collage art process and discussion of each person's piece. 

On-Going Group Sessions (2 or more): On-going groups meet once per week. I will initially meet with each group member individually. Group sessions will include discussion, check-in, group art process, and discussion/process of each group member's completed piece.